Seasonal Dishes

foie gras d'oca (home-made) served with an onion marmelade
seasonal soup
octopus and potatoe salad
tagliatelle with shrimp, asparagus and fresh cherry tomatoes
fresh sliced tomatoes served with bufalo mozzerella
fresh melone and culatello
thinly sliced roasted veal served with a tunafish sauce
figs and culatello
bresaola and fresh artichoke salad
artichoke salad
shrimp salad with mary sauce
asparagus with butter and parmigian cheese
asparagus with cheese and fried eggs
puffed pastry with asparagus and fonduta cheese
specially dried venison, sliced very thin
selection of dried and cured venison and salame
grilled tuna steaks
veal steak topped with porcini mushrooms
veal steak topped with sauteed artichoke
grilled venison severd with juniper berry sause
venison stew with three side dishes